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Episode 69 – The Sir Ian Taylor Journey – A Cal Q Lated Risk – Part 2


Sir Ian Taylor – Former lead singer of a band, television host, and founder of Animation Research Limited. What a journey! Kiwi Ingenuity in business at its best!

His band’s name was Kal Q Lated Risk which is a great summation of his life!

Animation Research Limited has pioneered animation used in sports coverage around the world. They came up with the graphics used in Americas Cup, PGA golf and so much more. They have also created simulators for Formula 1 and training Air Traffic Controllers!

In this interview shares in a very honest, humble and entertaining manner. An incredibly inspiring story that shouldn’t be missed!

You can either watch the interview in full or listen to it as two parts.

Part 1

0:45 Background
4:00 30+ years later – founding staff are still in the company
8:00 Borrowing 1/2 million!
11:00 Voyages across the Pacific Ocean
17:15 Why choose to stay in Dunedin
21:30 Ian’s music career
26:45 Studying law
27:14 What exactly is Ian’s job?
28:40 Cricket in India
32:00 Closing it all down
33:15 Dealing with stress
36:00 Never using the word “challenge”
36:42 Dealing with Covid

Part 2 (timing on left is for listening to the interview – second part)
43:40/0:37 How has he ended up with such great staff?
47:22/4:41  Doing the first TV commercials
54:22/11:43 Software for Air Traffic Control
56:22/13:43 America’s Cup software
1:03:00/20:35 Any competition?
1:04:32/22:02 What is Sir Ian’s motivation?
1:11:04/28:34 If you do the job well, the money will come.
1:12:40/30:08 Working only with people they like
1:14:44/32:10 A different approach to business
1:18:44/36:14 Where does he fit in to the business?
1:20:52/38:18 Where to from here?
1:27:40/45:10 Advice to succeed in life

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