Become a success story

As part of our podcast Insights into Success, we speak to those guests that are readers about books that they have read that have inspired them on their journey to success, in our interviews called “Read to Succeed”.

Not everyone is a fan of reading, but reading is one of the great ways to up-skill yourself for your journey to success.

Read to Succeed is an opportunity to hear from successful people about a book or books that they have read, what they were about and what it was about them that inspired them. If these books have had such an impact on them, why can they not have a similar impact on you?

Read to Succeed is another way we hope to inspire you on to success!

Read to succeed books

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The following is an ongoing record of the books that have been recommended for you to read, a brief account of them, who recommended them and where they can be purchased.

Journeys to success

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“Highly recommend checking out the Insights into Success Podcast – Host Paul Dodds’ interviews guests personal journeys to success, imparting invaluable business advice along the way. Thanks for having me on!” Terry D97

Speak to us

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    What exactly does it take to become successful? Why do some people succeed, but not others? How easy or difficult is it to become successful? What do those that meet with success think that it takes to succeed?