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Episode 5: Robert Jackson-Mee takes on the Marathon des Sables

In this special episode we hear about how Robert Jackson-Mee, despite not being a runner made the decision to run the Marathon des Sables. After 2 years of training he successfully completed the race in 2018.

The Marathon des Sables is a ultra-marathon over six days and 251kms (156 miles). The race in held in southern Morocco in the Sahara Desert. The race is considered by many as the toughest foot race on earth. On the most grueling day you are required to run 91kms or 51 miles.  Runners are required to carry their own food during the race. Approximately 1,000 people compete each year, with many failing to complete.

Some of the lessons of this incredible experience can be translated to business! Share Robert’s incredible experience in this episode!