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Episode 47 – A Book That Changed My Life!

Today Brenden Kumarasamy from MasterTalk shares a book that he recommends reading.

In this interview Brenden confesses to not reading much, preferring to learn via podcasts, but there is one book in particular that has had an everlasting impact on his life.

Brenden has become a master in communication through necessity. Growing up in Montreal, going to a French speaking school while your first language is English was a challenge for Brenden. His communication skills were not great.

At University, life was a bit easier studying in English, but he had come to realise just how important communication was. While others were out playing sports or attending other social activities, Brenden got involved in the world of competitive presentations. He had come to realise that those that were getting the best jobs, were the best communicators. Being great at communicating had become his passion.

Graduating with an accountancy degree, Brenden came to realise that being an accountant was not for him, rather his passion was to become a communications expert. MasterTalk was formed!

0.40 Introduction.
1:00 Book recommendation.
1:35 The book.
2:55 Messages from the book.
6:09 Reading preferences and choosing what to read or listen to.
8:45 Another suggested book.

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