Personal development 2

Are Your Lights On by Donald Gause & Gerald Weinberg

Partial Contents

Part 1: What is The Problem?
1. A Problem
2. Peter Pigeonhole Prepared A Petition
3. What’s Your Problem?

Part 2: What is The Problem?
4. Billy Brighteyes Bests The Bidders
5. Billy Bites His Tongue
6. Billy Back To The Bidders

Part 3: What is The Problem Really?
7. The Endless Chain
8. Missing The Misfit
9. Landing On The Level
10. Mind Your Meaning

Part 4: Whose Problem Is It?
11. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
12. The Campus That Was All Spaced Out
13. The Lights At The End Of The Tunnel

Part 5: Where Does It Come From?
14. Janet Jaworski Joggles A Jerk
15. Mister Matczyszyn Mends The Matter
16. Make-Works And Take-Credits
17. Examinations And Other Puzzles

Part 6: Do We Really Want To Solve It?
18. Tom Tireless Tinkers With Toys
19. Patience Plays Politics
20. A Priority Assignment

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