Personal development 2

Beyond the Pale

When I handed in my resignation so I could work for myself and take control of my life, I felt excited.
Then, a few weeks later, when I woke up a self-employed guy with the world at his feet, I clung to my sheets unable to leave my bed.

Terror consumed me. Anxiety. Worry. Self-Doubt.

After all, who was I to work for myself?

What was I thinking…

I still recall that day, all these years later. It wasn’t my most productive, but something happened as I lay in bed that changed my life, direction, and the overall journey I would take; the one that’s led me to who I am today.

What was this special something?

Simple… I committed to interviewing people about their mistakes.
And how they turned these mistakes and failures into success.

A strange subject matter, I know. But when you consider where I was and the thoughts that consumed me, it makes more sense. You see, I had no idea what I was doing or what I should do next. The fear of making mistakes myself haunted me.

So, I figured by interviewing others about theirs, I’d learn something.

It turned out I was right.

In the coming years, I interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs, authors, investors, and thought leaders. Some of those interviews made it into my book, The Successful Mistake. Others became part of course material or helped grow my podcast. Some remained on my computer for me to enjoy and learn from.

All of them touched me and left a lasting impact!

Interviewing people wasn’t part of the plan when I handed in my resignation. Yet it soon became the catalyst for everything I did: from the books I wrote to the clients I worked with…for my own personal development and how I helped others through my stories and words.

To sum up what I’ve learned in a post like this, impossible. It’s been a truly incredible journey that continues to reward me.

And it’s this that inspired my latest book, Beyond The Pale: a fable about escaping the hustle and finding yourself. All those lessons… all those stories… all those inspiring ideas distilled into a single book.

When Paul invited me to share my thoughts, lessons, and personal developments on this site, I jumped at the chance. I love to write. I love to share my thoughts with others.Here, I’ll share lessons from writing Beyond The Pale, as well as anything and everything else that inspires me. I hope you enjoy my words and the journey I continue to walk each day.

I look forward to your questions and input, as you allow me to be part of your own