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Inspiration for the Day!

When a company’s shares rocket…
When fame seems to happen overnight…

We love those stories.
We adore those examples.

They make us feel like it’s possible for us.

That we too can, and indeed, will… have “it”.

Yet more often than not, success takes time.
It isn’t those spikes that define the journey.
Rather, it’s the little gains that happen over time.

Success this way is still success.
A million dollars is a million dollars.
Whether you earn it in a day or a year or more.

More so, success gained through tiny gains is easier to handle.
You can grow over time, and take your time to learn.

You can process and adapt.
Not overwhelm yourself.

Whereas that overnight success will bring great consequences. Some of it is good, no doubt. But some of it WILL be hard.

You have to learn, quickly.
You have to adapt, NOW!!
You have to live life at a fast pace.

So really, what kind of success would you rather have?

The kind that happens in an instant, so you have a cool story to share?

Or the kind that takes some time, but allows you to lay foundations that last the test of time?

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