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Episode 105 – Navy Seal to Entrepreneur – The Natural Synergies!

As a former Navy Seal officer, Marty Strong has come to appreciate how the qualities that are sought to make a great Navy Seal have genuine relevance in business.

To be a Navy Seal, you not only need to be physically tough, but you also need to be smart. You need to have strong problem solving skills, able to think “outside the box” and make decisions in limited amounts of time, under pressure. All great qualities for business.

In this interview, Marty shares his perspective on business as a former Navy Seal and the books that he has written to cover what he considers to be gaps in the education of business leaders.

1:25 Marty’s life mission
4:49 Having P.T.S.D back in WW1 and WW2.
14:44 Writing the book “Be Visionary”.
18:30 Will schools and universities change their curriculum and accommodate the teaching of practical skills like selling?
22:29 Plans now that his latest book has been published.
30:00 The Navy Seals experience and its uses in developing business ideas.
37:51 What are some of the greatest challenges facing business leaders today?
43:06 Why are we not as forward thinking as we should be?
46:08 Have people learnt lessons about supply chain issues due to the pandemic?
50:03 Marty’s plans over the next 12 months.


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