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Episode 110 – An Entrepreneur And His Start-Up Journey!

Karl has come a long way in a short time. With both his parents being academics, viewing his business enterprises as more important than study while a teenager, did not go down well. With time and success, his parents have come to view his entrepreneurial differently.

Not happy with the platforms available for freelancers, Karl Swanepol decided to address the issue and has created Revolancer. While VC funding has become increasingly difficult to obtain, Karl has managed grow his business and start to make its presence felt. Karl’s journey with Revolancer has some distance to go, but with many lessons learnt already, he is in a good position to achieve his goals!

1:10 Karl’s early entrepreneurial journey
4:51 Did his upbringing influence his decision to become an entrepreneur?
9:25 Has much gone wrong in his journey so far?
14:19 What is Revolancer?
19:21 How scary was it raising venture capital?
27:57 The role of mentors in his journey.
33:27 A thirst for learning is an essential ingredient to success!
35:34 How challenging is it managing staff?
39:18 What are his biggest challenges right now?
41:49 Where will the business be in the next 5 years?
46:49 Has he had to make many sacrifices to pursue his goals?
47:28 What are the most important qualities required to succeed?
51:34 Is adaptability important?
53:49 Goals for the next 5 years?

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