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Episode 112 – Your Degree May Not Have Prepared You For Running A Business!

When Dawn Bloomer completed her Veterinarian degree, she had no idea how ill-prepared she was for running a business. Through a lot of time, mistakes and a determination to learn, Dawn became a skilled business manager. Dawn enjoyed the journey so much, that she now works as a consultant helping others run their businesses, with a focus on conjointly growing their business and developing an exit plan.

In this interview Dawn shares her journey and tips on how to make the most of your business!

1:05 General Introduction
5:23 Having a qualification but no business training.
7:58 Many business owners are not good at running their business!
12:20 How to deal with resistant owners.
14:50 The importance of knowing your goals and values.
19:00 Did being a woman provide more pressure, given her desire to be a business owner?
23:05 The importance of sleep.
25:37 How did Dawn overcome having no business experience?
29:35 Adjusting your leadership style.
34:05 How to get business owners to focus on growth and succession planning.
39:05 What industries Dawn now works with and their variations.
44:14 What drives her?
46:23 How did Dawn end up doing what she is doing?
48:53 Parting advice for business owners.

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