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Episode 114 – Why Was I Fired So Many Times?


Neelu Kaur found herself continually either getting fired or made redundant after graduating university. Ultimately Neelu took stock of the situation and with a great deal of reflection, identified the key issues resulting in her starting her own company, writing a book and being engaged by Fortune 500 companies to consult.

Neelu shares her remarkable journey, pulling herself out of a negative spiral to find herself and identify ways that she can help others with similar issues.

1:11 An introduction to Neelu.
3:46 How did she cope with being fired so many times?
8:18 The experience of COVID and the implications for our stress levels.
12:36 Just how much is depression an issue in America?
14:56 Why are people treated the way they are when made redundant?
17:19 To what extent are some cultures better able to cope with burnout?
22:05 Has COVID had an impact in her industry?
23:46 Tell us about your book about being your own cheerleader.
31:21 How hard is it for people coming from other cultures to become their own cheerleader?
34:27 What are your goals going forward?

Find Neelu’s book Be Your Own Cheerleader

Neelu’s contact details:

LinkedIn: neelukaur

Instagram: neelu.kaur

Facebook: neelu.kaur01

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