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Episode 119 – Lesson from the NBA

Basketball fanatic Alan Stein didn’t quite make it to the NBA, but he did become a high performance coach to NBA stars. With time Alan came to realise the parallels between lessons in sport and in business.

In this interview Alan shares his journey, including insights from meeting some of the greatest in the NBA, including Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry.

1:06 Introduction
3:40 Did your childhood influence where you are now?
7:42 Having flow and harmony in your life.
9:14 Having diversity of experiences early in your life – could that help?
12:02 Did you want to be a pro basketball player as a kid?
16:10 A pivotal moment in your life.
20:32 What did you do after university?
22:00 A pivotal moment with Kobe Bryant
24:38 Parallels between sport and business.
27:22 Alan’s book “Raise your game” and the keys to maximising your performance.
41:21 Habits – the importance of them.
42:50 Mindset.
44:06 Alan’s second book “Sustain your game” and its lessons.
48:14 Does teaching others help you to learn too?
49:50 What would a younger version of yourself think about your career?

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