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Episode 122 – A Kiwi Entrepreneur’s Mind Wandering Experience!

Anne  Barrowclough has held down a variety of employment roles over the years, but at the same time has often has a “side hustle” before it was a thing!

Through dealing with her parents mental health decline, the concept of mind wandering came about. Such has Anne’s passion for the project been, she has turned it into an online business with clients all around the world.

Ann’s startup journey is long from over as she shares with us her experiences so far and what the future holds for mind wandering and her business wander120.

1:10 What is Wander 120 about?
6:10 What was the inspiration for the business?
7:40 How does mind wandering compare to meditation?
10:30 What was Anne’s background?
12:00 What has been her motivation?
15:00 What does the app do?
19:08 If you were to start again, what would you do differently?
25:20 How did you get your app out to customers?
30:2!0 What have been some of your lessons?
36:00 What are your greatest impediments to growth?
38:10 What’s your competition?
41:20 Where to next with the business?
42:48 What are the key qualities to succeed?
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