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Episode 126 – Keep On Failing In Order To Succeed!


Joe Rare was cruising through life. He had created and sold a successful business. Everything seemed to come pretty easy, until his first failure, which wouldn’t be his last.

Through failure, Joe came to appreciate its benefits and the keys to turning it to your advantage.

While many people lie prostrate, bemoaning their failures, letting time and opportunity pass by, Joe learnt how to use failure to his advantage.

The real story – forget the media projection. Accept failure as part of the journey and use it to your advantage!

0:57 Who is Joe Rare
2:12 Why not a fan of social media
4:12 What was the catalyst for his virtual businesses?
5:38 The secret to successfully running a virtual business.
10:03 What are all the businesses you own?
14:09 How did you get into all these businesses?
17:35 How did you cope with failure?
20:49 Your mental attitude and its impact on failure.
29:59 How do you manage so many businesses?
31:41 What does success mean to you?
34:59 What are the key ingredients to being a successful entrepreneur?
39:07 Long term goals

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