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Episode 27 – Breaking in to Hollywood.

Katie was bought up in Michigan just outside of Detroit, as one of four children to her Greek, newly immigrant parents. With no connection to Hollywood, any dream of appearing in movies with the likes of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro must have seen impossible.

From an early age Katie had an awareness of herself well beyond her years and from as early as 13 had set her mind on some big goals.

Aside from appearing in movies, commercials and TV shows, Katie is a podcast host, poet, musician, voice over actor and director. Katie has done a lot in a relatively short space of time. How has she done it? What have been her lessons? What does she warn others to avoid?

Exuding loads of energy and passion, Katie has agreed to share her insights into her journey to Hollywood and beyond!

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Key highlights:
0.39 Who is Katie?
11:29 At age 13, what was her vision for the future
17:57 How did cross country running impact on her life?
24:00 The importance of building genuine relationships
27:34 How Katie broke into Hollywood
38:23 Coping with rejection
44:40 Being in the right state of mind
47:22 Life experiences aid success
48:44 Katie’s book of poems
52:00 Dealing with “imposter syndrome”
54:11 Overcoming challenges
56:35 Three keys to success
107:56 What’s next
107:18 Final thoughts