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Episode 28 – eSports Success with Duane Mutu – PART 1

Duane Mutu created Let’s Play Live, which streams online gaming competitions around the world, working with the biggest gaming creators in the world and publishing the content on platforms such as Twitch TV.

If listening to this interview, then in part one of this interview with Duane Mutu we learn about his up-bringing and how he got into eSports.

Duane has never forgotten how lucky both him and his identical twin brother are to be alive and makes the most of every day. He didn’t plan to get into eSports, so how did he? Was it luck that provided him with the opportunity? What does luck mean anyway?

Reflecting back on his journey, what does he consider to be the keys to success?

In part two of the interview, Duane talks about the future of eSports, the development of his company Let’s Play Live (LPL), what motivates him and what success means to him.

For more information on Let’s Play Live, go to:

If watching the video, you can see the full interview uninterrupted, rather than split into two parts for our podcast.