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Episode 72 – The Manifestation of Your Life – with Dr Hank Seitz

Dr Hank Seitz chooses not to be ordinary, nor has he led an ordinary life!

It is one thing to talk about how you should deal with life and its challenges, it’s another to demonstrate it for real.

Having a car accident and facing not ever being able to walk again, Hank had to make the choice, follow through on what he taught others to do, or accept his new reality.

Hank put his beliefs to the test and won! It’s hard to argue with a person who practices what he preaches, to good effect.

Hank talks about energy and exudes energy. You can’t miss Dr Hank Seitz!

0:37 Introduction
2:00 Power of thoughts
8:30 Where does religion fit in?
11:20 “You can’t think about what you don’t want and expect to get what you want!”
12:00 Dealing with a car accident and not walking again.
18:00 The only thing in our way from having what we want is ourselves.
19:18 Why did the accident happen?
25:45 His book “The Happiest Man in the World”.
28:35 Does he ever feel down and if so how does he get out of it?
32:07 “I shall never face reality, I shall create reality”.
37:55 To allow!
39:33 Tips on how to quieten your mind for meditation.
43:02 What has changed since his accident?
50:13 Our soul is here for 3 things.
54:27 You can’t have a happy ending without a happy journey!

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