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Episode 75 – Brent Freeman’s Journey to Success & Happiness (Part 2)


Brent Freeman is the Founder & President of Stealth Venture Labs and a serial entrepreneur who’s passionate about using business to generate both profits & social impact.

In 2009, Brent founded, an online marketplace platform for social good consumer brands which was featured in Mashable, Forbes, Huff Post, INC, The Today Show, NBC, and ABC. He was honored by Forbes as a Name You Need to Know in 2011.

Today, Brent is an angel investor, former venture capitalist, and writes for Entrepreneur and INC on startup life. He is the Founder & President at Stealth Venture Labs, has co-founded five ecommerce brands, and is the Chairman of the Board of the Bay Area chapter of the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship that teaches entrepreneurship to inner-city kids.

As much as he has met with success, there have been failures along the way too. At one point, Brent felt like he could not go on, but in that moment, he decided to find happiness! His priorities are now realigned with him finding a more complete life.

In this interview Brent generously shares his knowledge and experiences. An incredibly grounded individual who conveys a great deal in an interesting and entertaining manner.

Either watch the video in full, or as two parts as a podcast:

0:35 Introduction
3:00 What we will talk about!
3:20 Has he made it?
5:42 Secret to happiness in life is hope & progress.
7:40 What brings you joy?
9:24 How did you come to your life’s philosophy?
13:38 The compounding effect of R.O.J (Return on Joy).
20:14 Waking up in the morning & sleep hygiene
31:10 Solving other people’s problems
34:13 Brent’s evolution & the law of attraction
42:08 Has meditation helped with the law of attraction?
45:42 A quick brain hack
47:40 What does meditation look like for him
53:25 How he is achieving more with his new lifestyle
54:42 The best producers are the best resters!

Part 2 (podcast timings on the right)

59:07/0:37 His view on failure
1:06:00/7:42 Angel investing
1:10:45/12:31 Your network is your net-worth
1:14:04/15:52 Brent’s business history
1:19:53/21;38 Working remotely from the early days
1:25:47/27:37 Tips for entrepreneurs to succeed
1:31:00/32:57 How important is it to like what you are doing to be successful at it?
1:33:05/34:52 What’s the deal with Italy?
1:46:02/47;53 What’s in the future?

You can contact Brent at:

[email protected]