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Episode 80 – From Navy Seal to Business Success Part 2

Marty is a thought provoking writer, speaker, and guest expert with over 350 appearances on national cable TV and hundreds of radio and Podcast interviews to his credit. Marty is the author of Be Nimble – How the Creative Navy SEAL Mindset Wins on the Battlefield and in Business.

Either watch the interview in full via video, or as two parts as a podcast:

0:37 Introduction
1:14 How did get into Special Forces?
9:03 What was training like?
21:24 How close did he come to quitting Navy Seal training?
24.55 Was there a correlation on the types of people that succeeded.
28:00 What qualities were they looking for?
38:07 Transitioning from enlisted to officer.

Part 2 (podcast timings on the right)

44:50/0:37 Combat Experience
51:34/7:27 Retirement from the military.
57:45/13:39 What are some of the qualities in a Navy Seal that transcends business?
107:00/22:55 Without military experience how different would you have been as a businessperson?
1:12:14/28:07 What’s your mission now?
1:25:51/41:46 What does it take to succeed?

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