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Episode 82 – The Future of eSports!

Jonathan Jansen heads up eSports in New Zealand, one of the few countries in the world that recognises it as a sport.

How different is eSports to gaming? Why should it be recognised as sport? Are there any career prospects? Is it not detrimental to your health? We hope to find out the answers to those questions and more in this growth area.

0:35 What’s Jonathan been doing since our last interview?
6:04 How did eSports become recognised as a sport/
13:42 Learning from other sports to help eSports succeed.
19:00 Gaming versus eSports
22:54 Transferable skills from eSports
29:20 How exhausting is eSports?
32:00 Average age for peaking in eSports?
33:37 Career prospects in the industry.
39:07 Goals for eSports.
44:20 How good has Jonathan been at letting go of his business?
46:15 How important is passion in running a business?
50:12 Why should people support eSports?

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