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Episode 83 – The Ups and Downs of being a Entrepreneur!

To say Frazer Fearnhead’s entrepreneurial career has had its ups and downs, would be an understatement. He has reached great highs but also suffered badly in light of events such as 911 and more recently the Covid outbreak.

His perseverance and determination have been tested to their limits, but he has managed to come through it all, much richer for the experience.

Frazer shares with us his honest account of his journey, highlighting just what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur! Sometimes it can be events outside of your control that can play a major part in your journey!

0:37 Introduction to Frazer – the early years.
2:43 A early lesson!
5:37 Leaving his job as a lawyer.
6:40 Where did Frazer learn the most?
11:52 After a lot of success, Frazer finds himself unable to pay his bills!
16:50 Covid hits his latest project!
19:40 How has Frazer coped with adversity?
23:37 To what extent has mindset helped his career?
25:17 His thoughts on the “Law of Attraction”?
28:04 Should he have listened more to his gut?
30:09 What if any role does his personal challenges faced play in his business coaching?
33:28 The Bob Proctor coaching programme.
37:07 Does he feel more fulfilled with his new project?
38:48 What would be some of his biggest lessons?
41:56 What are the keys to success?
49:53 Does he dwell on the past or focus on the future?
55:32 How did he come about to be an author?
59:21 His podcast – the Spiritual Entrepreneur.

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