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Episode 87 – Operational Excellence – Your Secret Sauce to Success! – Part 2

Alicia Butler Pierre has many strings to her bow. She started out as a Chemical Engineer, went to business school and now runs her own company called Equilibria which specialises in assisting companies achieve operational excellence.

She is a 2x Amazon bestseller author and also has her own podcast Business Infrastructure: Curing Back Office Blues.

Alicia has turned business processes from boring to interesting, thanks to her engaging approach which has even resulted in a podcast award for most interesting interview.

If you want to maximise the performance of your business with aspirations to scale, then don’t miss this interview!

Either watch the interview in full via video, or as two parts as a podcast:

0:37 – Introduction
5:52 – Growing up in Baton Rouge
9:10 – How Alicia became a Chemical Engineer
11:50 – Going out into the commercial world after graduating.
20:20 – Attending business school – the missing piece!
23:00 – Starting her own business


PART 2 (Video timings on the left and Podcast timings on the right)

33:18/0:37 – What do a lot of businesses do wrong with their processes?
36:14/3:34 – How to get employees to “buy in” to new processes?
43:22/10:44 – Is it important that new employees can contribute to the documentation process?
47:46/15:10 – Using low tech to map out processes easier and make it more fun!
53:16/20:39 – The problem with too many customers for your processes!
54:34/22:02 – Tips for creating the best experience for customers.
57:42/25:04 – Value stream mapping.
58:42/26:06 – Lean Six Sigma

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