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Episode 89 –Uncovering Peter de Jager’s Journey from Y2K Panic to Leading International Speaker- Part 2

Peter de Jager’s initial claim to fame came from an article he wrote in 1993 about the pending Y2K issue. The Y2K Bug became the centre of attention around the world to avoid computer issues in the year 2000. From there he has gone on to become a well known international speaker.

With over 40 years experience in public speaking, Peter shares his journey including overcoming his introversion and what he has found to be the keys to a successful career! Peter provides some great tips on how to achieve success!

Either watch the interview in full via video, or as two parts as a podcast:

0;37 The early years.
6:15 Being an introvert, yet undertaking a lot of public speaking.
9:24 How Peter became a public speaker.
12:15 Cashing in on an unexpected talent.
14:09 His key to success.
14:37 How Peter’s speaking topics are evolved.
18:26 Notes for a presentation!
19:08 Only mediocre people are always at their best!
22:00 Luck is always a factor.
24:20 The Y2K factor.

PART 2 (Video timings on the left and Podcast timings on the right)

30:52/0:44 Trust your subconscious
31:41/1:38 Don’t push
36:58/6:53 Failure is experience and experience is treasure
41:18/11:13 The challenge of learning from success
48:33/18:30 Working alone isn’t optimal
51:04/20:57 Step into the breech, the Y2K example
54:19/24:14 Tips for people to maximise their achievements


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