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Episode 91 – Too Fitz for cancer! A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Journey!

Fitz Koehler is among the most prominent and compelling fitness experts and race announcers in America.

With a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences and decades of experience teaching fitness worldwide, Fitz has helped countless people live better and longer by making fitness understandable, attainable, and fun.

She has spent decades building her brand and business, FITZNESS, and has earned global reach and financial freedom. Her mission to help others live better and longer never changes, but her tactics frequently do.

Struck down by cancer, she didn’t let it hold her back. She doubled her business while beating cancer!

In this interview, Fitz shares her remarkable journey and the lessons that she has learnt!

0:31 Introduction
4:12 How did she get into the fitness industry?
7:51 Having the confidence for TV.
9:35 What makes a great fitness instructor?
10:35 How do you keep your enthusiasm up?
11:40 How mentally draining is performing?
13:25 Lessons from getting cancer.
19:54 If you didn’t have your passions, how different would have been the outcome?
21:20 How important is mental attitude in beating cancer?
24:16 Have you always been so positive?
25:18 Do you have strategies to keep you positive?
28:09 Strategies for taking control of social media and protecting your mental health.
32:58 To what extent can fitness help your mental well-being?
35:48 The Morning Mile.
39:01 How has your cancer journey changed you?
42:56 Tell us about your three books.
44:05 When did you start writing your first book?
46:23 Was writing the book difficult?
46:57 What are the two new books?
55:52 Tips to help people achieve their goals.

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