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Episode 95 – Connor Snyder’s Storyy for helping Grant Cardone – Part 2

Connor Snyder has gone a long way in a pretty short space of time! His side hustle has become a business with 100 staff and is now very much his full time focus! He even boasts Grant Cardone as a client!

Like most, Connor has had his challenges, but undaunted his business continues to thrive in a niche within the Social Media industry with few competitors.

In this interview, Connor gives us insights into his challenges, how he has overcome them and what he considers are the secrets to success!

Either watch the video in full or listen to the interview as a two part series.

1:02 Who is Storyy and what do they do?
5:49 The importance of being authentic!
8:14 The Craigslist example.
9:34 Have a go!
11:14 What is the story behind Storyy?
13:02 How did the agency develop?
16:50 When did the app come along?
17:52 How has it been having a business partner?
20:58 Who looks after HR?
23:42 Do you believe in luck?
27:07 Outlook is crucial!


PART 2 (Video timings on the left and Podcast timings on the right)
31:48/0:42 Challenges faced and lessons learned.
34:10/3:07 What’s your motivation?
35:46/4:43 Hardest thing being an entrepreneur?
37:40/6:36 The size of Storyy
40:26/9:22 How do you manage people all around the world?
41:52/10:49 Connor’s role versus Austin?
44:00/12:57 Secret to growing so fast?
45:50/14:47 Vision for the business?
47:39/16:36 Deep fake videos!
49:32/19:12 Do you have many competitors?
50:24/20:05 Where are your clients?
51:06/20:48 Did you plan to be an entrepreneur when growing up?
53:04/22:45 What are the keys to being a successful entrepreneur?
55:16/24:58 How best to go about achieving your goals?
57:29/27:01 How did he get Grant Cardone as a client?

To contact Connor go to:
[email protected]


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