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Episode 97 – The Colourful Life of Nick Rowney and living with ADHD

Never short of an opinion, Nick Rowney shares with us his colourful journey which has seen him work with Sir Peter Jackson movie director and producer (Lord of the Rings), conquer the art of selling, work with start-ups and a lot more.

In his opinion, having ADHD and Dyslexia fueled him rather than held him back!

Either watch the video in full or listen to the interview as a two part series.

1:03 Who is Nick Rowney
8:28 Challenges
11:33 Underlying secret to selling success
13:18 Another key to selling
15:37 A packed life of experiences and coping with ADHD
23:05 Surround yourself with people smarter than you
25:46 Cross pollination with your skills
35:41 Working in the film industry
41:35 Teach your children to trust themselves
42:52 Working at the National Museum
48:25 Perfecting the art of selling me
56:27 Selling vacuum cleaners and life insurance
1:01:55 Sales is the marriage between offering and opportunity
1:03:20 Working with Weta Workshop and Sir Peter Jackson
1:09:15 Working in web development
1:27:53 Getting genuine feedback from employees and clients
1:29:50 Where did your passion for sales come from?
1:36:43 Suffering from depression and learning to say no.
1:41:29 Tips for startups
1:47:16 What it means to be successful
1:55:25 Being a mentor for startups
2:03:11 Living with Dyslexia and ADHD

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