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Episode 99 – The Secrets to Growing Your Business!

Herb Cogliano’s family had a very successful recruitment company. The business grew to a point, but then became stuck. Frustrated with the lack of further growth, Herb embarked on a journey to unlock the keys to business growth.

Finding a book called Scaling Up, Herb put into practice what he learnt taking their company North American wide featuring in the Inc 5,000 fasting growing companies.

Having achieved so much with Sullivan and Cogliano Designers, Herb now spends his time coaching other business owners to replicate his growth success!

1:07 Getting to know Herb.
3:19 Secrets to his parent’s success!
5:57 Why do only a few businesses ever really grow in a particular industry?
12:52 Four major decisions that they needed to make to solve their growth blockage.
19:58 Issues with labour shortages.
23:55 Is it a challenge to get owners to have patience?
26:56 Why did you get out of the family business?
30:52 Do you vet your clients?
32:22 What do you enjoy the most with your work?
33:36 How quickly can you make changes with businesses, especially when they are small without destroying them?
36:59 How long have you been a coach of scaling up?
37:42 Tell us about scaling up.
39:46 The influence of JD Rockefeller.
40:23 10 Rockefeller habits.
44:33 A progressive approach.
45:37 Don’t be cheap!
48:06 What should you look for in a coach?
50:47 What advice would you give people starting out to make it easier for them to grow?
54:07 The impact of COVID.

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