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Episode 85 – How to Use Branding to Scale to Success!

Gabriela Pulido has first hand experience in using branding to scale for success. She started out as an engineer but fell in love with branding and the impact it can have on a businesses success.

In this interview Gabriela shares her journey and lessons learnt along the way on how to use branding to succeed!

0:37 Introduction
1:22 Gabriela’s background
7:48 A brand is more than just a logo!
11:48 How significant can developing a brand be?
14:24 How branding can help scaling.
16:58 How important is communication in scaling brands?
18:26 How important is internal communication?
20:19 A case study of helping a family business.
22:42 What type of clients does Gabriella work with?
25:53 The importance of a brand when selling beyond your immediate area.
26:49 Develop your brand at the beginning
33:02 The importance of loving what you do.
34:40 How might you thrive?
37:03 Parting advice on communication and branding.

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