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Inspiration for the day!


Mahatma Gandhi

I find this quote so… perfect.

For me, it says to embrace the moment.
Live today. Make the most of… NOW.

Yet we cannot do so in a reckless fashion.

Where he says learn, I sense it doesn’t only focus on the mind.

But rather the mind+body+spirit.

To fuel the brain with new knowledge.
To fuel the body with healthy food.
To fuel the spirit with good practice.

Not only does this allow you live today, more freely.
Yet it prepares you for a long life, just in case.

Embracing the day as if it’s your last needn’t be reckless.
Or full of risk. Or a party-hard outlook.

Enjoy it. Embrace it.
Yet commit part of it to growth.

Just in case you live for a long-long time.

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