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Socrates quote

This has personally been a big ‘ah-ha’ moment for me.

The realization that I cannot teach anyone anything.
But rather, all I can ever do is hopefully make them… think.

It’s removed a lot of pressure off my shoulders while writing. I’ve become more comfortable of letting go and simply write what comes out. My job isn’t to solve another’s issues or give them the answers. It’s to simply get thoughts out of my head, put them on paper, and hopefully make a few folk stop, reflect, and… think.

that’s it.
and that’s true for us all.

Through our content and work, but conversations, too.
As we teach our kids, set the standards, and anything else.

We cannot force anyone else to see the world as we do.
But it shouldn’t stop us from expressing our views.

It may or may not be what they need.
No matter. That isn’t the point.

The point is to share what we deem important and let the rest sort itself out.

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