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To an extent, failure is fearful.
The idea of failing…
The consequence of doing so…
The unknown that awaits…

It conjures up fear, and rightly so.

However, there are different levels of failure and this is where many of us get lost. For failure isn’t as black and white as we so often make it out to be.

Extreme failure is maybe something we should fear.
The fact we fear it helps keep us safe.
It holds us back when we’re tempted to do something insane.
It keeps us grounded in logic when we slip down some slope.

Failure can lead us to the brink.
Yet so often… it simply does not.

Most failure, although painful, is nothing more than a lesson.

A brief pinch of the arm.
A strike to our ego.
A step beyond the pale.

We fear it, but why?
If we did fail, what is the worst that could happen?

And, what is the most likely outcome?

This is where the fear of not trying has to come in.
That simple question: what’s the worst that could happen?

If the potential outcome is extreme, maybe fear is the best course. If the likely outcome is severe, fear away.

If not, maybe the fear of standing still will eat away at you.
Another layer of “what if” placed atop an already large pile.

Failure is not black nor white.
Sometimes we should fear it.
Oftentimes, we must step beyond it.

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