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Inspiration for the Day!

I sometimes imagine what it would feel like to be famous.
Really famous. The type where you’re stopped in the street.

I would hate it.
It would literally make me anxious.

I like to keep myself to myself.
I like to write in coffee shops.
Surrounded by folk, but on my lonesome.

If I had fame, people would approach me.
I would have to speak to people… strangers.


Yet despite this, I find myself yearning for fame.
Not the extreme kind, but enough of it to be recognized.


I want it.
But don’t.

Well, it comes down to validation.
To have enough success that I feel “enough”.

I know, intellectually, how silly this is.
That no matter of validation will validate my own feelings.
That rests on me. Nobody else. No other person.

But these are the sort of inner demons we all face.
Yet trick ourselves into thinking we want something.
That we need it… that we must have it.

Even though, deep down, below the surface, we know we don’t.
That if we had it, it would make us more miserable than ever.

True success is to simply put forth the effort.
To focus on the steps in front of you. Give it your all.
To do the work with no expectation.

True success works behind the scenes, hidden in the shadows.
Out of sight, by design.

And, if you do happen to gather some fame along the way…
… you fight with all your might to keep your privacy.

To live on your terms.
To work on your terms.

To be, who you be… and for this to be enough.

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