Personal development 2

Inspiration for the day!


When I read this quote, my mind instantly goes toward Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking.

Glass half full.
Vs glass half empty.

Vs scarcity.

Ultimately, it is a choice.
It often doesn’t feel like it, of course.

And at the moment, initially, it isn’t, I suppose.
If something happens and it stirs anger, you’ll be angry.

We’re human. Not robots.
But what happens next… It’s a choice.

Not always an easy choice.
And much easier to say than to do.

But a choice nevertheless.

If you face that sun and the bright side of life, you will leave all that negativity, darkness, and glass-half-emptiness behind you.

It will follow you, as your shadow does.
And it will try to consume you; corrupt you.

Yet it’s this that makes it a choice.
To keep looking forward, or to turn around.

The light.
Vs the dark.

This post was kindly provided by Matthew Turner, who can be reached at:

[email protected]