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We often gravitate toward what is simple and easy.
On the surface, simple and easy is good.

It’s simple, and, well… easy.

You don’t have to take as much risk.
You can remain inside your comfort zone.
You don’t have to push too hard or cause pain.

Yet simple and easy often leads to the same.
Rather than climbing the mountain, you circle the bottom of it.

Greatness lives on the other side of simple and easy.
Hell, anything above average exists on this side.

It’s why we battle ourselves so often.
We want to step over to that other side.
Yet we’re also worried what will await us.

So although simple and easy allows for short term happiness (and maybe even short term success), real growth requires a challenge; a difficult one at that.

The harder this is, the more there is you can take from it.
Not always the outcome, riches or fame, but pride and self-worth.

We all must go beyond the pale if we wish to become the person we could be.

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