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We often believe that a leader is one that leads from the front.
At least, this is what I believed for a long time.

And at times, this is true.
When hardship hits, you need to go to the front of the line.

Take the blame.
Shoulder the responsibility.
Make the tough decisions.

Yet just because you need to stand at the front during rough times doesn’t mean that’s where you belong at all times. It may feel unfair, to take a step back and allow others to have the glory when the good times prevail.

After all, why not you?
If you’re there for the bad, why not the good?

Well, it’s a choice.
You can, if you like.

Yet that’s the difference between a true leader who leads and one that simply enjoys the title of a leader; the power; the fame.

The greatest leaders know when to step back and let go.
To allow others to rise and show their worth.
To watch, observe, and take it all in as their troops shine.

They also know when their time to step up arrives.
During those hard times.
During the times when the sword strikes.

If it’s to strike anyone, it needs to be them.

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