Personal development 2

Inspiration for the day!

This too shall pass.
Whatever that “is” is, time takes care of it.

It ticks.
It tocks.
Presence becomes past.

Much of this year has thrown up one obstacle after another. Some of them outside of us, others within. Pain has followed. Stress. Doubt. Worry. Wayward and wandering thoughts…

It’s hard to see hardship as a blessing in the moment.
Even with hindsight, not all hardship can be seen in a good light.

We feel what we feel.
Time only changes that to a certain extent.

Yet time does ensure it passes, whatever “it” may be.

In doing so, we get the choice of interpretation.
To learn where possible, and to grow on the back of it.

Or to suffer, cling, and re-live the pain over and over.

A blessing in disguise?
Maybe. Sometimes.

But there’s always growth to be had; a chance to learn.

Something to cling to during even the most difficult of times.

This post was kindly provided by Matthew Turner, who can be reached at:

[email protected]