Personal development 2

Inspiration for the day!

Patience… certainly something I struggle with.
In other people, for sure, but mainly in myself.

There’s always that inner chatter.
Part of you wanting to DO something.

To follow through.
To act.
To just get it done.

But then the other, coming up with excuses.


A forever battle that I doubt anyone truly rids from their lives. It’s simply part of being human, and it’s hard to switch those voices off. And, why should you? They have value, after all.

Yet to grow, truly grow!
Not in the sense of money or fame.
But rather, self-growth that leads to a more fulfilled “you”…

That kind of growth cannot be undervalued.
We’re all unfinished lumps of clay.
We are tender and easily bumped and bruised.

We can wander off course, at any given time.
It can be frustrating. It’s easy to attack yourself.

To want it now.
To always want more.
To believe you should be further down the road…

Yet that real kind of growth tends to happen with kind hands.
Not force or persecution. Not through fists and fury.

We need to show patience.
In others, of course.

But more so, with ourselves.

This post was kindly provided by Matthew Turner, who can be reached at:

[email protected]