Personal development 2

Inspiration of the Day!

Napoleon Hill Quote

When I think about growth…
be it the personal or professional kind.

I think about life in the gym.
To grow muscle requires you to tear muscle.
You have to push beyond your comfort levels.

If you do not, you do not increase your muscle mass.

The same applies to fitness in general.
You have to push beyond your limits to get fitter.
You have to increase that heart rate and break a sweat.

It doesn’t come easy.
It requires continuous effort.

Turning up at the gym isn’t enough.
Neither is sitting on the bench.
Or barely walking on the treadmill.

You can trick yourself into believing you’re doing “it”.

Yet you are not.
You’re remaining comfortable.

The same applies to any form of growth or progress.
It needs your effort. It needs you to show up and do the work.
And it’s hard. It takes you beyond your limits. It’s scary.

It’s a struggle. In this sense, it never gets easy.

It gets easier, the more you do it.
Just like the gym gets easier.

But easy? Hell no.

There’s a balance to all this, of course.
Push too hard, too soon… you get injured.

But if you don’t push enough, you stay still.