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Inspiration for the Day!



Eleanor Roosevelt quote

2020 was a year of many things.
A big one, for me, is the sort of “stuff” I see appear online.

All the conspiracy theories.
All the arguments.
All the opinions.

I’ve certainly fallen into some of these traps.

When we discuss events, and, worse, people, we must ask why.

What’s the value of this?
What are we trying to achieve?

It’s not say discussing events or people doesn’t have worth.
When someone does something notable, we should discuss them. When something happens of worth, we should discuss said event.

Yet, how are we covering it?
Are we preaching and complaining…?
Or, are we putting forth ideas and solutions?

I see many people battle change at all costs.
Coming up with excuses as to why all is well.
Conjuring up stories where there simply are none.

Instead of accepting what is as is, and discussing a way forward.

A new way.
A fresh insight.

If we spent more time discussing ideas and less of it aimlessly covering events and what this person said and that… who knows, maybe we would enjoy a more progressive (and peaceful) world.