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Episode 34 – Kenya to America – an entrepreneurs journey!

Maureen Mwangi grew up in Nairobi, Kenya where entrepreneurship was not commonplace. Her grandfather had started a hardware business which had been passed down to her father and mother. Working in the business and watching her parent’s grow the business, gave her the entrepreneurial bug.

While few went to university and even fewer went abroad, Maureen headed to America to complete a Master’s Degree in Marketing. She soon found herself working with brands such as Lays, L’Oreal and Dove and learning the secrets to growing brands.

The entrepreneurial has never left Maureen, which has seen her venture out establishing her own company while she helps businesses launch and grow their brands.

Maureen talks about the challenges and lessons that she has learned along with her insight into what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

At Making Sense of Marketing our goal is to help small business owners/ entrepreneurs up-skill themselves with their marketing to help them on their journey to success.

Running a business is not easy, so along with helping you on your journey to mastering marketing, we want to inspire you with interviews with people who have already met with success!

We provide short motivational videos, from successful people who are willing to share an honest account of their journey to success. Their journeys were not smooth, but importantly they persevered and ultimately succeeded. Hear their business success quotes, get business success tips and business success strategies so that you can be inspired to succeed like they have!

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