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Episode 46 – Multiple Online Business Success by Age 28 – Iyia Liu’s Journey


At the age of 21, she founded the online shape-wear company Waist Trainer with $5,000 NZD in savings. In the first 18 months she sold over 100,000 units to over 90+ countries around the world, working with Kylie Jenner.

In 2016, she founded another online business, supplement company Luxe Fitness, growing it into a million dollar global business within the first year.

In December 2017, Iyia founded and launched a woman’s fashion e-commerce site Bambi Boutique, and grew the social following to a combined 200,000 followers within 6 months. Bambi Boutique was sold in 2019.

A serial entrepreneur, Iyia Liu is today’s guest.

1:08 How did she get into business and why?
4:30 Expectations with her first business.
7:39 Key turning point to her first big business success.
9:10 Working with Kylie Jenner.
11:43 Why sell the business.
13:58 Key lessons.
16:37 Dealing with bad publicity.
19:18 Key motivation.
21:54 Being a female entrepreneur.
25:53 Proudest achievements.
28:32 What does success mean?
29:06 What have been the keys to success?
30:46 Keys for others to succeed.