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Episode 41 & 42 – The Most Unlikely Business Success!

Today we talk to Mikey Moran about the unlikely business that he created that has gone on to great success.

Mikey has had his fair share of ups and downs. Never short of ideas, the challenge has been in the timing and the people he has chosen to work with. Mikey shares a very honest and incredibly interesting account of his journey. He had a couple of very close calls before finally making it big with his latest venture!

For those watching the video, the interview is as one. For the podcast, the interview has been split into two.

Those that listen to the podcast, the times on the left below are for the podcast. Where there is only one time shown, the video and podcast are approximately the same.

1:15 Mikey’s background.
5:19 Failure can build resilience.
6:25 Is it good to come from money?
9:45 Lessons from working for others.
10:56 Learning from failures.
19:58 Getting a job after failure.
23:16 How does he see failure now?

Podcast / Video times

1: 00 / 26.44  What is his business?
5:00 / 30.44 How does he sell?
7.26 / 33.10 Why that approach to selling?
9:28 / 35.22 Understanding your target market.
14:14 / 40.07  Mistakes some make when they start making money.
18:38 / 44.38 Staff challenges.
19:37 /45.31 What have been the keys to their success?
23:37 / 49.33 Work ethic & life balance.
25:08  / 51.04 Keys for others to succeed?



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