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Episode 24 – Turning Adversity into Opportunity with Victoria Lee!

Due to a childhood accident Victoria Lee found herself often in pain at work and needing major back surgery. She needed a change. A job with flexibility that would allow her to work around her back issues. An opportunity came her way to manage a small social media account. Not enough to sustain her, it was nonetheless a start. Teaming up with a friend, they started a social media business which was to become known as 100 Pound Social.

About 4 years later, 200 plus clients and a team of over 20, 100 Pound Social is a thriving business.

Through adversity and the need for a change, Victoria found an opportunity, which has lead to the creation of a successful business. Victoria’s story is a great example of how your outcomes in life will be determined by how you interpret events. Only see the negative in a situation, then you may only get negative outcomes. See the same situation through positive eyes, then opportunities will begin to appear.

Victoria shares her inspirational story on how she has found success through adversity!

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