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Turning the “Great Resignation” into an opportunity.

You may be sick of hearing about the “Great Resignation,” but it is impossible to ignore. 47.4 million people left their jobs in 2021. Employees everywhere are reassessing their current situation, seeking a more suitable environment.  But, employees aren’t the only ones who should be re-evaluating their circumstances.  As Leonardo DaVinci said, “…people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” Business leaders need to start viewing the “Great Resignation” differently – seeing it for what it should be – a major opportunity.  As employees at companies everywhere weigh their options in this new world of work, don’t miss out on the chance to attract this newly widened talent pool to your organization. Seize this moment as a chance to rebuild and improve your teams and your business.

Here’s how to reframe the “Great Resignation” as your “Great Opportunity”:

Change Your Mindset.  Yes, you may have recently lost some key employees, or perhaps you are struggling with filling much-needed roles based on a rapidly changing marketplace. But it isn’t helpful to panic. Nor is it helpful to put your head in the sand and hope this all goes away. Instead, get inspired and excited about the opportunity this could provide. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you now have the chance to make major improvements to your teams, your culture, and your ways of working.  Losing staff gives you the chance to improve staff.  Now’s the perfect time to usher in an era of positive change at your company.

Accept the New World of Work. Covid accelerated the inevitable. People began reassessing and reprioritizing what is important to them. Ways of working have forever changed for businesses and employees. Not only should you accept this new reality, but you should also embrace the opportunity that it brings. You now have access to a much wider and more diverse talent pool.  There are no more barriers to working with the best and the brightest. Your company now has the chance at a massive upgrade.  Don’t miss out.

ABR (Always Be Recruiting).  Don’t sit around and wait for employees to leave, or until you have open roles to recruit.  Don’t be blindsided or left short-handed. Even the happiest and most loyal employees aren’t necessarily going to be around forever.  Remember this:  “ABR” or “always be recruiting.”  Talk to potential candidates regularly, even those who are currently working at other companies. With so many people considering whether or not to leave their jobs, don’t be afraid to proactively reach out (do a little investigating, aka poaching).  You may not have a choice. And if you think other companies aren’t trying to poach your employees, you are mistaken.

Constantly Broadcast Your Mission.  Not only should you proactively recruit, but also make sure you are attracting the right people to your organization. Consistently and openly broadcast your company mission. Communicate what you are about and what makes your company a great option for employees looking to make a change. It also helps reinforce your vision among your existing employees who can be your best recruiting tool!

Solidify Your Current Team.  Don’t walk away from your current team. In fact, just the opposite. Bring them into the mix by clearly communicating your vision. Explain to them how your mission will positively impact them.  If they choose to reassess their future with your company, at the very least, you will have opened a transparent line of communication and given them the proper information to make an informed decision about whether to opt-in or opt-out.  Having these honest conversations can sometimes prevent you from becoming blindsided by employees leaving unexpectedly, or can help you re-evaluate where key employees may be a better fit.

“Change is Inevitable and Struggle is Optional.” It’s up to you, whether you choose to play to win, or simply play not to lose. So the question is, are you going to sit back and do nothing or are you going to flip the “Great Resignation” on its head, turning it into your “Great Opportunity” to majorly improve your team, your business, and yourself?


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