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Welcome to the Insights into Success Blog

This marks the first blog post for the new website, or at least the first blog post that originates here.

This Insights into Success website was not part of an original master plan, rather it has been a result of an evolution. The original project was to build a website dedicated to sharing free marketing content to help small businesses succeed, which is called Making Sense of Marketing .

As part of that project, I came up with the idea of going out in the field to talk to people about their business marketing to see what I could learn and whether I might be able to help. The idea was to video the visit and share it both as a video and a podcast series.

Through the process of working through the Making Sense of Marketing video series, it occurred to me that it would be a lot of fun and interesting for me to also interview people that have succeeded or are on their journey, to see what their challenges have been, what they have learned and what has been the key to their successes. Hearing other people’s stories can be reassuring and motivating.

Often in the media we get the filtered story which can give unrealistic expectations. To really help people, I believe we need to hear an honest account of their experience.; not to scare us off, but to prepare us for the ups and downs of the journey. Being told a person was an overnight success makes the rest of us feel inadequate. Hearing that a person had some real challenges, but persevered and succeeded, that’s inspirational.

The Insights into Success podcast was born. Rather than it just being a podcast that talked to people that had “made it” to hear their story, the opportunity seemed much bigger to me. Talk to people that are part way through their journey to hear how its going and get insights in what they think it will take to achieve their goal. Why should it just be about businesses people? What about people that achieve goals in other areas? Sportspeople, musicians, artists and more. Do they share common traits that are the keys to why they succeed over others? How about interviewing them to find out?

I personally love to read, although I don’t read as much as I would like to. It’s a great way to learn and in my opinion, life is an ongoing learning experience. What about mixing it up with a short podcast where I talk to the readers within my guest list about books that have inspired them. Who doesn’t want tips on what books to read?

Through much consideration I came to the conclusion that the Insights into Success podcast should have a broad interpretation with three different interview formats. All formats are about getting insights into how to succeed, but one interview may focus on hearing a person’s journey, whereas another may talk about inspirational books and a third could talk about making sense of marketing. The marketing themed interview may seem less related, but the reality is that in most business success, marketing has played a pivotal role in one form or another.

Through last year we published the Insights into Success podcast, presented by Making Sense of Marketing. This never sat right for me. I felt it could lead to confusion and misunderstanding about what the podcast is about. Not only did Insights into Success need its own website, it also needed to sit above Making Sense of Marketing.

The natural fit is for Insights into Success to be the master brand and Making Sense of Marketing sitting to the side and below as a sub brand. In future the Insights into Success podcast will be brought to you by Insights into Success. Any Making Sense of Marketing themed interviews will be brought by Insights into Success. A much more logical sequence, much less likely to cause confusion.

On this website, you will see our blog is broken into two. The purely marketing posts supplied by Making Sense of Marketing will be in their own group, while posts dedicated to all other topics associated with succeeding, will form the main body of the blog.

I wanted to make the content of this blog, as valuable as possible for our visitors. With so many facets to achieving success, bringing in experts from a variety of fields seemed both logical and beneficial.

Through my interviews so far, I have met some amazing people with incredible experience. I have invited several to join a panel of resident experts to share their wisdom through posts, but also intend to invite guests to contribute blogs on the topics of their expertise. My goal is to turn this blog into an amazing resource for our followers.

The journey of Insights into Success is barely begun. We hope that we can be of service to you!